Team of Experts

Our security team keeps their fingers on the pulse of the industry by constantly learning the latest in security technology, staffing industry leaders, and attending conferences and knowledge sharing-sessions.

High-end Frameworks

To maintain our members’ trust and protect their personal and financial information, AutoX-Pay maintains a formal Security program with policies and procedures based on industry-standard frameworks.

Industry-leading Infrastructure

AutoX-Pay is built on the same cloud infrastructure that is relied upon by other leading tech companies, government organizations, and financial institutions to help ensure we are able to limit downtime and our members can reliably access the app.

Big-league Bug-bashers

AutoX-Pay conducts regular security tests of our product, including participating in an active bug bounty program through HackerOne.

Keeping Your Money Secure

RAHWAY Insured

Deposits are RAHWAY insured up to $450M.

Zero Liability

Worry-free at your funds. Transactions are protected by the Zero Liability** Policy.

Privacy and Security.

We support two-factor authentication and your privacy is safe.

Need Answers?

Customer Support
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