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A personal account is one that a person uses exclusively for personal purposes. To distinguish them from accounts used for business or corporate purposes, it is a relative phrase. This is another sort of account that banks provide to their clients, who are individuals rather than companies, agents, or institutions. In banking and accounting, there is a distinction between personal accounts and other accounts because they have different meanings and approaches.

Since there should only be one individual depositing and withdrawing money from a personal account, security procedures will be in place to ensure that the correct person is getting access to the money.

The general public, which comprises adults, retirees, students, children, and retirees, as well as citizens, residents, and non-residents, depending on the needs of the nation or bank, is the typical target market for personal banking services and products. Wealthy people may use personal banking services as well, but they may also be provided private banking services by banks, which may include more advanced services and investments.

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